How to become
a more efficient researcher



This one-day course greatly improves your efficiency by ramping up your personal productivity and research output. If you feel that you have more work than you can handle and that you have no time for the things that really matter, this course is ideal for you. It helps you to gain a sense of control over your daily tasks, develop motivational goals, and follow those goals to completion. As a result you will feel less pressured and more motivated in your job and as you succeed and fulfill your ambitions.

Using a detailed, critical analysis of your current working patterns on the one hand and your personal goals on the other, you learn how to spend your time in the most efficient and relevant way. Through an exchange of ideas with research colleagues, you evaluate your own situation and reflect on possible solutions with your peers. Enhance you personal productivity by adopting a structured framework of concise processes and effective working habits!

What you learn

  • What are your personal goals?
  • What are your current working patterns?
  • How to get an overview on all your tasks & duties?
  • How to set the right priorities?
  • How to organise your time?
  • How to cope with e-mail overflow?
  • When & how to say ‘no’?
  • How to improve your work/life balance?


Post-docs & senior researchers




max. 20


1 day (9 am – 5 pm)


Dr. Bärbel Tress


Live online

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How We Helped Others With
Becoming Efficient

“After taking this course, I will completely change my way of planning my tasks for everyday. I feel more confident about planning my daily tasks, since I received some VERY useful tips and tools.”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“I now know how to better structure my work, avoid interruptions and also tackle the tasks that I have been avoiding due to being overwhelmed and unnecessarily procrastinating. The course helped me to be far more efficient in doing what I want to do.”


Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

“I especially liked that the course “How to become a more efficient researcher” was not only about higher productivity/outcome in a traditional sense, but also had a focus on work-life balance (specifically for academics) and a ‘meaningful’ and ‘heart-bottomed’ approach.”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“This course exceeded my expectations to be honest. I am quite astonished how much I learnt, and how motivated I feel now to organise and plan my research career. I also made some very sweet friends at the course which was a bonus!”


University of Basel, Switzerland

“I liked very much that the course provided the platform to concentrate on my own working patterns and not only to discuss problems form a general point of view”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“It was nice to have time to think about my personal goals. I also liked the urgent/important matrix and the time left for self-reflection and exercises. The daily planner gave me a much better overview on what I can do/could do in a day and I will feel less guilty in my free time.”

PhD Student

University of Basel, Switzerland