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Want to experience success and satisfaction with your PhD students? Let us teach you how to optimise the quality of your supervision.

How We Helped Others With
Supervising PhD Students

“Great practical examples and work material for improving the supervision of PhD students. Clear structure, not too much lecture teaching, clear and concise slides, good balance between teaching and practical exercises, helpful hand outs, which can be used in supervision without additional work.”




Postdoc Researcher

KIT/IMK-IFU, Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany

“It was the first time that I attended a course on PhD supervision. For long time, supervising students has been considered one of the many things scientists simply have to know how to do it. It was learning-by-doing (like everything else). It is very valuable to have a course like this providing a framework for supervision.”





ZALF Müncheberg, Germany

“Great course offering easy and practical tools to improve supervision of students. Easy to follow, well structured, great tools, nice atmosphere, and competent trainer with excellent communication skills.”





Postdoc Researcher

University of Oldenburg, Germany

“I’ve never had any training in supervision and so really only had my personal experiences to go on. It was incredibly helpful in this course to get to know concrete steps I can take to be a good supervisor for my students who all have different requirements.”





Junior professor/Group leader

European University of the Seas/Kiel University, Germany

“I really enjoyed the interactive format of the course with exercises in small groups. Online courses I previously attended usually had teacher speaking majority of time. This one was different and really refreshing.”





Junior professor/Group leader

European University of the Seas/Kiel University, Germany

“It was a very valuable course. It sets a standard for what PhD supervision is supposed to look like.”






Alfred-Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany

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