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Learn how to present a paper at international scientific conferences. Get to know how to prepare, rehearse, cope with stage-fright and how to impress your audience.

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Lisa Degenhardt

I attended “Presenting successfully at virtual conferences” from TRESS ACADEMIC and it exceeded my expectations. I have attended a few of these courses before, and most of them tell you something you already know. Here it was different. Gunther told us so many things that make sense and helped.

After the course, I created my next presentation with almost all of the tips we got, and I loved it. I believed this was the best presentation I had done. And I got it confirmed: I got told people could feel my enthusiasm about my topic, they understood my research, I got great questions afterward, and I even won a best presentation award. (Connect on LinkedIn)

Lisa Degenhardt

Lisa Degenhardt, Postgraduate Researcher

University of Birmingham, UK

Don’t we all struggle following overloaded presentations, but then we design them like that ourselves? The course “How To Present At International Scientific Conferences” really helped me simplify my slides and message. This gave me confidence for my presentation at a conference. After the presentation, two people, both professors, enthusiastically came up to me to discuss my topic.




PhD Candidate

Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Müncheberg, Germany

I took the course ‘How to Present in International Conferences’, which was organised by ZALF and TRESS ACADEMIC before I attended an international conference. This course provided me with the key knowledge, frameworks and tools to re-structure my presentation. I also learned techniques on how to control my body language and respond properly to questions. In class exercises, we assessed and discussed each other’s presentations using a well-information set of criteria. I found it a very useful approach, because it helped me to get to know what the weaknesses of my presentation were.

I understand now the whole ethos of making not only a scientific presentation, but also an ‘entertaining’ one. Additionally, I found the importance of implementing a key message consistently within very limited time frame. This programme has really given me new insight and energy to become an compelling presenter and has been one of my best learning experiences ever.”

Roni Susman, PhD student

ZALF, Müncheberg, Germany

Giving presentations is one of the most important skills a researcher can have. What a pity when one has great results to present and no one notices their importance because of a poor presentation. Although I was never particularly afraid of giving a  presentations, I was still missing some important skills to connect with the audience in a meaningful way.

The course by TRESS ACADEMIC helped me to organise my talks and invest more energy in the narrative than on useless details. Since then, I spend much more time preparing either “in my head” or on paper before getting started with the powerpoint and rehearse quite a lot, something I was doing far too little of before. If only more academics would take this course, we wouldn’t have to experience bad presentations at conferences anymore!”

Amandine Colson, PhD student

German Maritime Museum | Bremerhaven | Germany

You think you can present??   …Believe me, you can’t!

Join this course and find out your presentation weaknesses and improve them! Even for someone who has already been to an international conference or think of him- or herself as fairly good at presenting I am sure this course will still tell them a lot and not at all be a “waste of time”.

I therefore can 100% recommend this course.”


PhD student

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research | Bremerhaven | Germany

Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

The course ‘How to Present in International Conferences’ is highly informative, entertaining and fun!

We saw the improvements in only 2 days!”




PhD student

University of Zurich, Switzerland

It was amazing to see how quick I had improved my presentation with your help. At the beginning my presentation was probably mediocre, no big highlights or so. At the end of the training my presentation had a clear structure, was well organised and I presented more confidently.”





Early-career researcher

University of Oldenburg | Germany

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