at Virtual Conferences

1-day live virtual course

Get to know the skills to deliver a stellar online presentation! 

Why join a course on virtual presentations? 

Virtual conferences have become an effective, convenient, inexpensive, and sustainable alternative to traditional in-person conferences. They allow more people to attend and share their research with a wider audience. But virtual presentations require specific preparations and skills to be successful and not end in another boring online talk. 


What you learn? 

How to present your research successfully to an online audience attending a virtual academic conference. Understand the challenges and opportunities of delivering virtually and be well-prepared for your next virtual talk. 

Who benefits most? 

Early-career researchers, first-time presenters and all those researchers who want to improve their virtual presentation skills. Ideally, you attend this workshop before joining the next conference so you can apply all the knowledge 1:1 to your upcoming virtual talk. 

What topics do we cover? 

You’ll understand how virtual conferences work and how a good talk is prepared and delivered. The first part of the workshop is all about planning your talk and setting up a presentation strategy. In part two, you’ll learn how to create your talk, how to define the story, and how to create slides and visuals. In part three, you’ll explore how to deliver the talk including presentation techniques, styles, time issues, rehearsal, technology, the equipment you’ll need and dealing with stage fright and audience questions.  

How is it taught? 

This 1-day course is taught live via video-conferencing allowing you to attend also from remote locations. It includes live presentations from our presenter, Gunther Tress, group discussions, short exercises, quizzes, and ample time for your specific questions. 

What learners say about this course?

Read the feedback of previous participants below, click here.

About the Instructor

Gunther Tress (PhD) is an enthusiastic Research Career and Science Communication Expert, a former Journal Editor with Elsevier, and a former book series editor with Springer. He is helping academics for 15+ years successfully communicate their research through publishing excellent journal papers and delivering stellar research presentations. He is a graduate of Heidelberg University (D), obtained a PhD in Landscape Ecology from Roskilde University (DK), and worked for a decade as researcher and lecturer at universities in Roskilde (DK), Wageningen (NL), and Aberdeen (UK).

.Gunther Tress

How to book?

You can book the course for your team, your graduate programme, or a group of young scientists preparing for an upcoming conference. Get in touch with us and discuss when would be the ideal time to arrange this course for you. If you get the group of enthusiastic presenters together, we take care of everything else!

Contact us to discuss this further at or ask for a free Zoom call!

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Beginners, no presentation skills required




for groups of 10-25


1 day (9 am – 4:30 pm)


Dr. Gunther Tress


Live online

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How We Helped Others With

Lisa Degenhardt

I attended “Presenting successfully at virtual conferences” and it exceeded my expectations. I have attended a few of these courses before, and most of them tell you something you already know. Here it was different. Gunther told us so many things that make sense and helped. After the workshop, I created my next presentation with almost all of the tips we got, and I loved it. I believed this was the best presentation I had done. And I got it confirmed: I got told people could feel my enthusiasm about my topic, they understood my research, I got great questions afterward, and I even won the best presentation award.

Lisa Degenhardt, Postgraduate Researcher

University of Birmingham, UK

Don’t we all struggle following overloaded presentations, but then we design them like that ourselves? The course “How To Present At International Scientific Conferences” really helped me simplify my slides and message. This gave me confidence for my presentation at a conference. After the presentation, two people, both professors, enthusiastically came up to me to discuss my topic.

PhD Candidate


“You provided us with take-home material, like checklists, for the NEXT presentation(s). This is really helpful. There were many many things I never would have thought of on my own, but also because we as academics, tend to focus on the content only and to forget about the delivery.”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“This course was excellent. I was amazed how we were able to deliver a better presentation just one day after giving a crappy one. Thanks a lot Gunther!”

PhD student

University of Zurich, Switzerland

“I thought the course would give me intense feedback and practice on my own presentation skill, plus a concise overview on “the theory” of a good presentation, where I thought I already had some idea, but it couldn’t hurt. Those expectations were definitely met- with the addition of learning new ways to spice up a presentation I had never thought about (pauses, walking around in the room). I even got new ideas to include elements I knew about, but did not know how to implement or practice (general body language, audience involvement).”

PhD student

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany

“I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much I enjoyed and learned from your presentation workshop last week. I must admit that I went into the workshop thinking that I likely wouldn’t learn anything new. Boy, was I wrong. I greatly appreciated the high quality, focus and organization in the workshop. I found you to be an excellent teacher and presenter, in addition to being a great listener. I also found your passion for high quality presentations to be contagious – I’m genuinely looking forward to giving my next presentation with the skills that I learned in this course. I think that the potential payoff for students and departments from the relatively minimal investment involved in your course is immense.”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“I would especially recommend this course to someone who is shy, and considers themselves a poor presenter for lack of confidence.”

PhD student

University of Zurich, Switzerland

“I learned and improved a lot. There also were many little things that helped me to structure my talks better and manage to deliver all information within the given time slot. All our questions were answered and Gunther is just a fun guy!”

PhD student

Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany