We assembled our best free resources and recommendations for your academic career development–enjoy!

1. Expert guides

Our 6 expert guides give detailed instructions on how to cope with major challenges in academic career development. Each guide is filled up with practical advice to help you with some of the most common problems in academic career development.



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2. Smart Academics Blog

The -> Smart Academics Blog provides a collection of 135+ articles on academic career development, especially on conducting PhD studies, writing and publishing journal papers, PhD supervision, presenting research, career development, and becoming an effective researcher. Many of the articles provide free worksheets and checklists.


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3. Webinars

We regularly offer free webinars and online seminars on the following topics:


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4. Guidelines, worksheets & checklists

4.1. Successfully conducting PhD studies

4.2. Writing & publishing journal papers

8. Networks & partners

  • Eurodoc, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, one of our collaborators in a joined EU project.
  • Passage2Pro is a career coaching company delivering career & leadership coaching and training for PhDs with a career ambition outside academia.

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