1-on-1 advice package


Having excellent application documents does significantly improve a job applicants chance of being invited for an interview and thus for receiving the job offer. 

The aim of our job-application check is to give detailed written feedback on one set of application documents e.g. for a post-doc position or professorship. Our structured suggestions for improving the application documents mean that once these are top notch they can – with adjustments – be used for multiple upcoming positions. 

How does it work:

As a job applicant, you submit one set of application documents to us, exactly as required in the job advertisement. You can include the cover letter, CV, and one further optional document, e.g. a teaching portfolio or research statement.

We provide the applicant with a written assessment of the application material, as well as annotations on the documents themselves. This allows a candidate to substantially improve their application material. Please note that the application check is an evaluation of the quality of the application material and not an assessment of suitability for the announced position.

For an application check we usually take 2 weeks to return our report and comments. The application materials as well as any related communication are treated with strict confidentiality.

Target group

  • PhD candidates, postdocs or researchers who are in the process of applying for an academic staff position.

Teaching mode

The application check is provided as a written report with substantial feedback. Individual comments on the application documents are included as well.



Applicants applying for an academic job


On demand


1 applicant

Return time

approx. 2 weeks


Dr. Bärbel Tress