Apply For An Academic Staff Position

3-day online course


This 3-day course supports you in applying successfully for a permanent position in research or higher education. If you are struggling to understand what the academic job market is looking for, unsure of how to promote you and your work, or nervous in job interviews this course is for you! You work with your own application material and go through a mock application process for a currently existing job opening in your field. You practice all the main steps of the application process, from where to find the best job openings to the final stages of negotiating your contract.

You will learn how to pitch your CV so that it will exactly match the job openings which interest you. We put a focus on interviews including practicing the preparation for job interviews, giving a compelling job talk for a selection committee, and responding to their questions. We also cover the important matter of what to consider during campus visits, and how to make the best possible impression on your potential employer. You will also learn how to react when offered a position, and how best to negotiate. Find career success in your academic field!

What you learn

  • How to locate and de-code job advertisements?
  • How to write application letters?
  • How to develop a CV?
  • How to prepare for job interviews?
  • How to prepare the job talk?
  • How to make the most of campus visits?
  • How to respond to a job offer?
  • How to negotiate your contract?


Advanced level, applying for positions on professorship/lecturer/researcher




max. 15


3 days (9 am – 5 pm)


Dr. Bärbel Tress


Live online

Get Started Yourself

How We Helped Others With
Applying for Academic Staff Positions

Zarah Korb, Scientist

“Through this course I gained a different perspective on the whole academic selection process, from how to make myself stand out as a candidate, what my strengths and weaknesses are and how the selection committee are only human and it is actually much tougher to go through applications than I originally thought.”

Zarah Korb

Department of Chemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland

Christina Wegeberg Scientist

“This is a very well-structured and interactive course. I liked that every participant could contribute their own experience from previous application processes. For me personally it was nice that the instructor had so much experience with Scandinavia, and as a more general comment is was great that she mentioned how the various processes differ in CH/D, UK, US, NL and Scandinavia. That added another dimension to the course.”

Christina Wegeberg

Department of Chemistry, University of Basel, Switzerland

Judith Müller, Scientist

“What I liked most about this course was the clear structure and the fact that we touched on every detail of the long journey of a job search, from searching positions until actually starting to work at a new department. Moreover, the fact that it had an international focus helped me very much.”

Judith Müller

Centre for Jewish Studies, University of Basel, Switzerland

“I liked the many small exercises in this course and that we got a lot of feedback on our own application material, as well as to the job interviews and our presentations of a job talk. We received many tips how to improve our applications for the future and we learned to look at our material from the point of view of a selection committee. Nice atmosphere and I found it very enjoyable to work with the other participants.”

PhD candidate, Geography

Alfred-Wegener Institute, Bremerhaven, Germany

“I really liked the exchange with other participants in this course, including seeing their application material and hearing from their experiences. I very much appreciated the cover letter and CV coaching. I liked the complete walk through an application process from the very beginning right to the end.” 

PhD candidate, Art History

University of Basel, Switzerland

“After taking this course, I know now exactly what kind of questions I have to ask myself: What do I really want to do in the future? What is my academic career about? Thank you for guiding us!”

PhD student

GSN Graduate School, University of Munich, Germany

“I particularly liked that we got feedback on our application material from the course leader, who is an expert!”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“I’d recommend the training to everyone applying for a post-doc/other academic position. We learned so many helpful steps that we can easily apply when looking for our next positions.”

PhD student

GSN Graduate School, University of Munich, Germany

“I have more confidence now, the entire process is less scary and I feel encouraged to apply.”

PhD student

University of Basel, Switzerland

“The course helped to focus on the next steps in our career. By changing the perspective I found out what informations are relevant to get across and how to deal with difficult situations in the application process.”

PhD candidate

University of Basel, Switzerland

“I feel confident now not to drop out because of badly compiled material for the application.”

PhD candidate

University of Basel, Switzerland