How to hire
the right people for your team

1-day live virtual course

Why join a course on hiring team members? 

Postdocs, principal investigators, group leaders, or assistant professors may for the first time in their careers have the responsibility to hire researchers. Due to a lack of better information, they may follow spontaneous decision-making or just take the blueprint of how they were hired themselves. This strategy however does not align with the international scientific job market nor does it exploit the huge pool of top candidates to hire the very best people.  A wrong hire can be costly: Stalled projects, unfinished work, annoyed team members, and frustrated leaders. It is therefore worthwhile investing a bit of time in a good hiring process to select the best candidates.

What you learn?

This course enables you to efficiently organise an entire hiring process, from carving out the job advertisement to making an offer. You’ll get insights into typical pitfalls that lead to the wrong candidates being hired and how to avoid these. You’ll get to know how to identify who and what you want and how to test for the skills and qualities you need during the interview process.

Who benefits most? 

Postdocs, project leaders, group leaders, assistant professors and all researchers who have an individual responsibility to hire PhD candidates, student- or technical assistants or postdocs to their teams.

What topics do we cover? 

In this course, you’ll learn to figure out who you’re really looking for and how to write job advertisements that attract the right candidates. You’ll discuss the importance of good communication and transparency in the hiring process and how you can come across as a trustworthy and attractive employer. You’ll get to know strategies to enlarge the pool of potential candidates and where to best announce your job. You’ll become familiar with a time-efficient selection process, including skills assessments and interviews. What to include in the job offer and onboarding of new hires is discussed as well.   

How is it taught? 

This 1-day course is taught live via video-conferencing allowing you to attend also from remote locations. It includes live presentations from our presenter, Bärbel Tress, group discussions, short exercises, quizzes, and ample time for your specific questions.

How to book? 

You can book the course for your team, your graduate programme, or a group of scientists from your or related institutes. Get in touch with us and discuss when would be the ideal time to arrange this course for you. If you get a group of enthusiastic researchers together, we take care of everything else!

Contact us to discuss this further at or ask for a free Zoom call! 

About the Instructor

Bärbel Tress (PhD) is an enthusiastic Research Career and Science Communication Expert, a former Journal Editor with Elsevier, and a former book series editor with Springer. She is helping academics for 15+ years successfully complete and supervise PhD projects, apply for jobs in academia, and manage their time and themselves. She is a graduate of Heidelberg University (D), obtained a PhD in Landscape Ecology from Roskilde University (DK), and worked for a decade as a researcher and lecturer at universities in Roskilde (DK), Wageningen (NL), and Aberdeen (UK). She’s also the co-editor of the Smart Academics Blog.

Bärbel Tress


Researchers, postdocs, PhD candidates






1 day (9 am – 4:30 pm)


Dr. Bärbel Tress


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