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In a scientific career, research naturally takes the center stage. This is what many leaders enjoy best and need to focus on in order to remain competitive and progress with their careers. In this context, managing people takes a side role and is often done on an ad-hoc basis or based on perceptions and structures of leadership that you have inherited from your own supervisors, professors or group leaders in the past.

This coaching is for leaders who strive for excellence in themselves and their teams. It helps you to move from a controlling to an inspiring leadership style, to lead more easily and in a more collaborative, open and intuitive way. The coaching helps you to motivate and inspire employees to high performance, independence and responsibility.

Topics for coaching

In the coaching we closely look at the areas of your leadership and communication that you’re doing great already, and I show you how to build on that. From that vantage point you can work on aspects of your leadership that are challenging for you and that you want to improve. This includes the following:

  • Establishing honest and transparent communication with your team members
  • Creating a work-culture of mutual trust and respect
  • Solving difficulties with a team-member
  • Addressing underperformance and communicating expectations
  • Sharing responsibility with team-members; delegating efficiently
  • Resolving conflicts among team members or between a team-member and you and (re-)establishing an easy flow of communication
  • Making time for yourself and the tasks you identify as most important
  • Proceeding to conscious strategic planning and pro-active leadership
  • Finding balance in your work-load and how to be highly efficient
  • Increasing the general performance or publishing output of the team
  • Establishing lean and agile communication channels and management structures
  • Becoming a happy and satisfied leader who is a role model for the entire team

Target group

  • Everyone who has responsibility for leading a team or group of people. Whether you are a group leader, PI with responsibility for a project team, professor with your own group or staff, or a seasoned head of department or institute.
  • Leaders who actively want to change the status-quo and achieve a more resonant, effortless and efficient way to lead their team.
  • The coaching is particularly suitable for leaders who have recently built a new team or made a career advancement that came with bigger people responsibilities.


Coaching mode

  • The coaching is delivered as a sequence of individual coaching sessions of 90 min, live-online. The sessions take place ca. every 4 weeks or more frequently
    depending on your goals.
  • You set goals for the coaching process and you are assisted in developing an action-plan that helps you to achieve your goals as the coaching progresses.
  • Coaching packages of 3 or 6 sequential sessions are available.



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