3-day online course


This three-day online course provides a hands-on approach to writing a scientific research paper for an international peer-reviewed journal, and introduces you to all the relevant steps involved in successful paper preparation, writing, and editing. If you are planning to publish a paper in an peer-reviewed journal, have academic writer’s block, or have been rejected during the publishing process, this course is for you! It helps you to understand the explicit and implicit rules of the peer-review and revision process and to learn how to deal with reviewers and editors.

Numerous training exercises help you to draft individual sections of your manuscript, and you are given concrete guidelines on how to overcome the hurdles involved in the writing and publishing process. We define each manuscript section, so you’ll know how to write efficiently. Additionally, we provide you with answers to your individual questions and give you clear instructions on how to complete and submit your manuscript successfully!

What you learn

  • How to select a paper topic?
  • How to select a journal and paper type?
  • How to prepare for writing?
  • How to write efficiently?
  • How to devise a publishing strategy?
  • How to define paper objectives?
  • How to structure the paper?
  • How to write the individual sections of a scientific research paper?
  • How to edit for clarity, style, and format?
  • How to submit the paper?
  • How does the peer-review process work?
  • What is the review criteria?
  • What are the ethics of publishing?
  • How to define authorship?
  • What is the role of editor, reviewer and publisher?
  • How to revise the paper?
  • How to respond to reviewers and editors?
  • How to avoid common mistakes?


Beginners to experts




max. 20


3 days (9 am – 5 pm)


Dr. Gunther Tress


Live online

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How We Helped Others With
Their Papers

“This course has been of incredible help to understand the processes of peer-reviewed journals, but also to learn how to write a paper by avoiding common mistakes. Without such a course, we would never actually ‘learn’ how to write a proper paper. Gunther, thank you very much for the way you teach: it is dynamic, funny, encouraging, and really interesting.”

PhD student

KIT-IMK Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

“Last October, I joined your publishing training. The recipe-like guidelines were so clear and easy to follow that I have submitted my paper in December already. After a short review and revision time, my paper got accepted. I’d like to thank you again for your instructions, which clearly have contributed to my paper success.”

PhD student

Gothenburg University, Sweden

“In these three days, this publishing course has helped me more with my PhD than my supervisor has in the last one and a half years. I was able to directly apply what I learned. For the first time in forever, even though I was sitting in front of a white page, I knew what I should write.”

PhD student

University of Oldenburg, Germany

“Recently, I succeeded to publish my first paper in a peer-reviewed journal and I would like to thank you for a great course with very useful and constructive guidelines for publishing. With no doubt, my participation in that course has had a very important role in my success in this case.”

PhD student

University of Bergen, Norway

“I just want to share with you and your team that my first paper ‘ever’ has been accepted and will be published this year. I found your course indeed very useful structuring the contents of my research during the writing process, and right now I have your handbook on my desk in front of me as a guide to write the abstract of my second paper, which of course I finished two days ago.”


Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage, Oslo

“I was already struggling for 2 months to somehow get a handle on my manuscript and got stuck pretty fast each time I tried to approach it. Now, I have a clear idea in mind of how to continue the draft we started in class and I feel certain that I will achieve it. Even better — I even feel good just thinking about writing the manuscript.”

PhD student

Alfred-Wegener-Institute Bremerhaven, Germany

“I like that we learned about more than just writing the paper, as the course also increased my understanding about the system around publishing. Gunther was very motivating, and I feel inspired to continue my PhD and believe I can become an efficient researcher and author. The message was delivered in an energetic and clear way. I also liked very much that the course was adjusted to fit the group (e.g. relevant journals and examples) and that we got to work with our own manuscripts/ideas.”

PhD student

Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research, Ås, Norway

“Gunther has an incredible base of knowledge and experience on the topic of publishing. And moreover, he has a “gift” to present and teach. I liked the exercises after the chapters where we have the possibility to transfer the theory onto our own exposé. I would more than recommend this course. I think it is essential to all those who intend to publish papers of good quality.”


University of Bochum, Germany

“Although attending a three day course delays a little bit of the work in the lab, these 3 days will help me save months of work while writing and editing future papers.”


Biodiversity Center, University of Zurich, Switzerland