1-on-1 advice package


Paper Clinic is a virtual live 1-on-1 coaching that builds upon participation in previous paper-writing courses. The coaching aims to support authors in overcoming major problems or obstacles in the writing or revision process. 

Prior to the coaching, participants submit their manuscript draft along with a description of the questions and problems they want to discuss. Every session is individually prepared and tailored to the needs of the author. Solutions and steps forward are discussed to help the author to come to submission or complete a paper revision. 

Subject-specific questions on the topic of the paper will not be discussed, but all aspects of preparation, writing, editing, submission, and peer-review that are of editorial type can be addressed. 

Manuscripts are treated confidentially.

Target group

  • PhD candidates and postdocs who have joined any of our writing programmes and are more advanced in the paper-writing process.
  • Researchers who need individual support with completing their manuscript or with revising their paper during peer-review.
  • Participants should be actively involved in producing a journal paper.

Teaching mode

The Paper Clinic will be offered in 1-h long sessions that are virtually held via video-conferencing tools.



Scientists at all career stages who need support with their scientific papers


On demand


1 lead author of the paper


1 h video session


Dr. Gunther Tress


Live virtual