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Why join Paper Writing Academy

Do you want to learn how to write a journal paper that gets published without the struggles of endless rounds of revision?
Do you only have a limited amount of time and need to be efficient in your writing, all while avoiding the mistakes causing rejection of your paper?

Paper roadmap
If you are looking for a programme that supports you in your writing process from start to finish, join Paper Writing Academy! It provides a roadmap to prepare, write, submit, and publish a paper successfully in an international peer-reviewed journal.

You’ll start from scratch writing your research paper, and will be guided through the entire writing process. You’ll make weekly progress on your paper, and can complete it by the end, ready for journal submission. The roadmap that you’ll acquire will guide you in future publications throughout your academic life.

Productive writing system
You’ll start by adopting productive writing strategies to get ready for a smooth and pleasant writing experience. You’ll develop a realistic plan for writing the paper as a part of your daily work routine and learn how to decide on a paper topic, co-authors, and journals for submission.

Write your paper
Next, you’ll write all the needed sections for your research paper step-by-step until your paper draft is finished. You’ll learn about paper editing, and how to transform your draft into a publishable text. You’ll wipe out all the mistakes and weak parts of your paper to be prepared for the submission and peer-review process. Here, you’ll also adopt strategies for smoothly passing peer-review and revision so that your paper will get published.

Weekly progress till submission
Paper Writing Academy is delivered fully digitally to your desk. You’ll learn in small weekly units that follow your writing progress. You can directly implement the new knowledge to your writing. You’ll work at your own time and at your own pace as you have 24/7 access to all course material including videos, audio files and PDF worksheets.

To enhance your learning experience, you’ll be part of an interactive discussion group to address your questions and problems, and to discuss paper progress. Finally, our experienced instructor, Gunther Tress (PhD), will be available for individual questions through live support sessions throughout the programme.


What you’ll learn

  • How to prepare for writing
  • How to write efficiently
  • How to plan your writing
  • How to select a paper topic
  • How to select the audience and the journal
  • How to define co-authors
  • How to structure the paper
  • How to choose a paper title
  • How to write Abstract and Introduction
  • How to write Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusion
  • How to write the support sections of the paper
  • How to edit for clarity, style, and format
  • How to get helpful feedback on your paper
  • How to submit the paper
  • How the peer-review process works
  • What the review criteria are
  • What the ethics of publishing are
  • What role the editor, reviewer and publisher play
  • How to revise the paper
  • How to respond to reviewers and editors
  • How to check proofs and get published
  • How to promote the paper
  • How to avoid common mistakes


8 modules
35 lessons
4 live-support sessions
1 implementation week




Join alone or with your colleagues, any group size can enrol!


8 weeks with short weekly units
life-long access to the course material


Dr. Gunther Tress


Beginners to experienced authors

Get Started Yourself

How We Helped Others With
Their Papers

Akhila Bairy

I had tried to write a paper before for my Bachelor but I never knew how to approach it and it was very overwhelming to do it. I didn’t had proper guidance then and I was all on my own. I joined Paper Writing Academy during the first year of my PhD and thanks to the programme, now I know how to do write papers and it’s not overwhelming more at all. I know from where to start and you gave me a lot of small tricks that made it easier for me, by breaking the writing down into small pieces it wasn’t so hard at all. Before the course I was a little be worried, will it all be online? Will I have the chance to talk to you at all? How will we communicate? Will it be totally anonymous? But it turned out it wasn’t difficult at all and it went very well and was fun. I also used all of the channels you offered, the videos, the PDF sheets, and the PWA Insiders discussion group. PWA is totally helpful and all the goals in the programme are achievable. Even if you have already experience with writing papers this course is still helpful for you. Most of the people I know they have tried to learn paper-writing by trial and error, so this course is helpful for them as well. You learn exactly how to do it.

Akhila Bairy, PhD Candidate

University of Oldenburg, Germany

Paper Writing Academy answered many questions for me. I’ve published 7 papers before, but I used to write the manuscript sections a bit randomly. I wrote the paper when the lab work permitted, but it always interrupted my concentration, and I used to get bored while writing the sections. But the PWA sessions and your words of encouragement helped me a lot. After watching your videos and following your step-by-step guide to writing, I completed my current manuscript much earlier this time around. I learned to manage the time for writing the manuscript, and found it so easy to complete on time. Also, your way of replying to all the questions during the live sessions was really fabulous. I loved all your suggestions and support sessions. Guess what? I started my paper about comparative transcriptomics of a catfish at the beginning of PWA (1 March) and submitted it on April 22 (7th week of PWA). It is under review now in the journal Genomics. A lot to learn from you, Gunther! (Connect on LinkedIn)

Partha Sarathi Tripathy, PhD Candidate

Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture, 
Nord University, Norway

More than 8 weeks ago, I said Paper Writing Academy will be a success to me if I can submit a manuscript by the end of the course. Guess what: I managed to submit the paper 4 days ago in the last week of the programme. So, I think I’ve reached my personal goal for Paper Writing Academy. (Connect on LinkedIn) 

Eva Brod, Postdoc

NIBIO – Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

This has been an incredible journey. I am so glad I joined Paper Writing Academy. It taught me how much I lacked in writing a good paper, and how to shape myself into a better researcher. Thank you so much.

Wuddasie Dereje Bekele, PhD Candidate

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Business School

The paper I was working on through Paper Writing Academy was not my first, but this was definitely my best paper-writing experience. The course offered a very structured approach to paper writing and time management. This made my writing process much easier, and I gained the confidence to do it right. This course will save a lot of time in my future paper writing, and I can highly recommend it to both beginners and experienced writers.

Maria Dietrich, Researcher

NIBIO, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

PWA is an easy to understand guidebook for professional paper writing. It provides you with the theoretical and practical tools needed to compose your own paper the way you want it. It feels like PWA is a writing buddy that’s got your back when the publishing process feels overwhelming.

John Björn Sällebrant

Nord University,  Bodø, Norway

Paper Writing Academy was a really cool course and I learned a lot! I will definitely use the structure for my next papers as well. I have a draft of my paper now, and I’m confident that I’ll be able to apply the learnt structure to my next papers. (Connect on LinkedIn)

Anna Kilanowski, PhD student

German Research Center for Environmental Health, Munich

I found Paper Writing Academy really helpful! It provides small and applicable tips to plan a good strategy for writing, submitting and promoting a paper—this was the most important win I took away from the course. Although paper writing is partly a creative process, I think all these small tips and suggestions help to create a good structure for a paper writing strategy. I will definitely implement them in the present and future. Thank you, Gunther, for all your tips, help, feedback, and enthusiasm—which is also important!

Ignacio Sevillano (PhD)

NIBIO – Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

The course was held in a challenging time for researchers all around the globe, with great uncertainties, and a need for innovative thinking. This is where I think the Tress Academic team has succeeded. The course has taught me how to focus on paper writing, which is the hallmark of my work as a researcher. Academic writing requires a positive and motivated state of mind, which is what the course leader emphasised at his best. There’s one thing I wish was different: I should have taken this course earlier in my PhD. It would have saved me a lot of time.

Fredrik Ribsskog Staven, PhD student

Aquatic Biosciences, Nord University, Norway

Paper Writing Academy provides a systematic approach and a step-by-step guide to the process of paper writing. Gunther presents this with engagement and enthusiasm. And made us feel like a group of students cooperating and communicating in these times of isolated ‘home-working’ researchers. (Connect on LinkedIn)

Karin Juul Hesselsøe, Researcher

NIBIO, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

Paper Writing Academy has helped me by putting me in touch with people at different stages of their paper writing. It motivated me to put in a daily effort to overcome my main issue: reading and writing papers after a long lab day! By changing my routine through reading and writing in the mornings, I found that I felt much more accomplished at the end of a long day at work, and moved closer to my goals! (Connect on LinkedIn)

Alex Wardale, PhD student

Nord University, Norway

I really recommend Paper Writing Academy to new PhD students like me who are about to write and publish their first manuscript in an international journal. Everyone might struggle at some point during their PhD journey. However, following the PWA guidelines really serves as a ladder to lift you up on a level of proper dialog with your supervisors. If a PhD journey is like sailing a boat towards the coast, PWA is like the rudder which aids you to go in the right direction. I used the material from PWA and created my first manuscript. It is ready for submission in the near future. Thank you very much, Gunther and your team, for your great efforts and positive energy in encouraging the students in their scientific academic career.

Nadanasabesan Nimalan, PhD student

Nord University, Bodø, Norway

I thank the team from Paper Writing Academy for such a well-thought-out course for early-career researchers. It’s hard to uncover every process in paper-writing, particularly if it’s your first paper. But I kept skimming through the course materials and followed all the worksheets. I was slow to do that, but it was good for me, and I can go back to the course materials and worksheets anytime. It was good that I could do it at my own pace. The course was perfectly designed to take me through a journey of scientific writing by breaking down every bit of it. And now I have a better understanding of the entire process. For instance, I selected the journal I want to submit to, I drafted a structure for the paper, prepared figures and tables in a more publishable manner, and most importantly, all that has been done without much mental stress, simply by following PWA. I didn’t have to spend a hell lot of time and energy to constantly check‘’if I am doing this right’’. I feel far more confident that, now, it should not be a difficult task for me, to write a paper in future.

Soumitra Chowdhury, Early-career researcher

Nord University, Bodø, Norway

“I attended the publishing course you held in 2020. I then had one month to write my first paper at all and I was just about to start when I joined the course. The paper is now published and this course was of tremendous help for me.”

PhD student

BIOCEV, Czech Republic

“The best, and I would say a unique feature of this course, is that you are working on your own manuscript … this is so helpful that it can’t be compared with any other course.”

PhD student

Univ. of Bergen, Norway

“It was a fantastic experience! I have written a couple of papers and my scientific life would have been much easier if I had taken such a course much earlier in my career. I will strongly encourage my students in the future not to make the same mistake. The course was well-prepared and Gunther was so enthusiastic that it is hard to believe he does this almost every week.”


Technical Univ. of Delft, The Netherlands

“After your last online course I started to write daily, I have to say that I never imagined I have almost completed the first draft of my introduction, which was always a problem for me. If I wouldn’t have taken the course, my paper would be still untouched as it was before.”

PhD student

Univ. of Bremen, Germany

“This course is so helpful, you do not only get amazing tips and “how to do” instructions, but you get even motivated to write. Now I know writing papers and getting them published in top journals is possible for me. I know exactly how to do it! ”

PhD student

Univ. of Konstanz, Germany

“The whole course was an incredible learning experience. Great quality-content sessions and excellent implementation guidelines. I had the opportunity to reshape a paper from my master dissertation and now is under review by one of the co-authors. I feel confident that we will manage to submit it soon. It is hard to pick just one favorite lesson. I think all of them were complementary and each one contributed towards reaching an important step for publication. I really enjoyed the course and I would definitely recommend it to everyone out there.”

PhD student

University of Oldenburg, Germany