Lucky Motivation Jar: Merry Christmas

#75: The Lucky Motivation Jar: A gift for your best academic friend

2020 has shown us all how important it is to have good friends that help and motivate us when needed. With the festive season just around the corner, you may wonder “What can I give to my best academic friend?” Should it be something special? You want to express how grateful you are for the friendship, and the motivation they offered during these times of lockdown and COVID 19. We’ve got something to make your friend happy: Create and give away one of our Lucky Motivation Jars–a jar full of positive, motivational messages. It’s of enormous value but inexpensive. We provide the free template for you below. 

Yes, for many of you 2020 has been a difficult academic year, a year that you’ve never planned for. COVID19 might have affected many of your research plans for 2020. You probably couldn’t go on field trips, conduct some of your experiments, collect data, or run in-person interviews.You had to cancel conference attendances, and adjust parts of your projects. COVID19 has also transformed many of the little things that make your life as a researcher often so enjoyable: meeting friends, spending an evening together, inviting colleagues back home for a cosy dinner, hanging out after work in a pub, or just having the possibility for joint activities. All these social activities had to be reduced, or became impossible. 

Lucky you, if you had a good mentor, a colleague, or a friend who was within reach (virtually or otherwise) when you needed support. As 2020 comes to an end, many of us are still affected by the impact that COVID19 and the resulting lockdowns have on our academic and private lives. You may now realise, more than ever before, how important these little personal contacts with friends and colleagues are. It is so essential to have a good colleague or friend these days. Someone you can call and talk to about the little problems and success that we all face day by day, someone that motivates you when you’re down. Often they help us to overcome our hurdles, and give us the strength to believe in our goals and dreams. Those people are just wonderful to have, and you’re blessed if you can fall back on a pool of academic friends like these.

As the festive season is approaching rapidly, you probably feel like you want to send a special thank you to those colleagues and friends. So what can you give them to express how grateful you are? And what can you give them that helps THEM get through this difficult time?

We’ve got something for you! We call it the “Lucky Motivation Jar”. It’s simply a decorated jar filled with 30 little messages that express how grateful you are to have this friend. Every message expresses how you feel about them, and brings a little bit of light into your friend’s day. Every message is on a tiny piece of paper, all stored in one jar.

The messages in the jar can be inspirational or motivational. They can be suggestions on what your friend could do next, or what the two of you could do next. What counts is that you offer your friends a message that is helpful, thankful, and supportive. It is your way of paying back your friend for their assistance over this long COVID19-year. You also want to show them that you are available for them when they need help, and that you care about their well-being. 

And when you give the present to your friend, tell them that whenever they’re in need of  support, help, or just  a little boost to get them through the day, they should open the jar, take one little paper out, and follow up on its message. 

Of course, you can personalize your jar and fill it with all the messages you want. To inspire you, to help you, or to provide you with a ready-made set of 25 great motivational messages, you can download the template that we prepared for you. 

All you need to do is print the template (e.g. on coloured paper), complete the messages or add a personal note, get a jar, and decorate it nicely.And whoop, you’re ready to send it off or hand it over to your best academic pal. 

Template for the Lucky Motivation Jar: 

Download the 25 motivational messages for your best academic friend. 

We hope you enjoy our little gift for your best friend. We’d love to hear from you what you made out of it, and share some photos of it. Just send them with a short message to . 

Thank you, 
all the best

Bärbel & Gunther 

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