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Our coaching helps individual supervisors to give better supervision and enhance satisfaction and joy with their supervisory activity. 

Supervision coaching gives the opportunity to analyse and solve an individual supervision problem, or can simply be used as a tool to improve leadership skills and supervisory quality. 

Whether you are new to supervision or very experienced, coaching can be used to address your specific and individual requirements. Coaching often helps to quickly solve a problem or dilemma, which may seem unsolvable or has made you stuck for a long time. During the coaching process, you’ll discover pathways to solutions which can be implemented straight away and often bring surprisingly fast and positive changes.

How we work

In the coaching process, you’ll set goals carefully and explicitly for what you want to achieve. During the coaching sessions, you’re guided to reflect on and eventually reframe current situations, habits and behaviour. Where applicable, our coach also complements the process with input about supervisory techniques and practices in order to enhance your skills. We facilitate finding a solution with your specific context e.g. university regulations, status of PhD candidates, and cultural or ethical backgrounds in mind. 

Our coaching trajectory includes packages of 3 or 5 sessions, with optional follow-up sessions. The coaching process follows the recommendations and quality criteria of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. Our coach maintains complete confidentiality about any information that is exchanged in the coaching process.

Coaching mode

The Supervisory Coaching is offered in 1.5-hour long sessions that are virtually held via video-conferencing tools.

Target group

  • PhD supervisors who experience difficulties in the supervision process or those who want to improve their supervisory and leadership skills.
  • The coaching is suitable for experienced supervisors who’d like to expand their repertoire of supervision skills as well as for those who are new to PhD supervision and want to be off to a great start.

About the Instructor

Bärbel Tress (PhD) is an enthusiastic expert for career development and collaboration in Scientific Environments. With over 15 years of experience as a scientific advisor, she has taught hundreds of scientists from diverse fields, ranging from PhD candidates and postdocs to PhD supervisors and Heads of Institutes. Underlying all her efforts is her ability to grasp complex situations and problems of others quickly, and to open new and exciting paths of development for them.

As a scientist, she has conducted research and taught at various universities and research institutes throughout Europe, served as an Associate Editor for an international peer-reviewed journal, and supervised students. She is a graduate of Heidelberg University (Germany), obtained a PhD in Landscape Ecology from Roskilde University (Denmark), and has worked as a researcher and lecturer at universities in Wageningen (Netherlands) and Aberdeen (UK).

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